Because YOUth Matter


Youth matter, not only because we are the future but because we are also part of today.

Deferring problems and borrowing money is taking the easy way out; dumping problems on the next generation. Real leaders don’t download problems on to the next generation (or term) they get expert advice, make decisions and move forward.

Toronto has the worst youth unemployment rate of any Ontario region. We have the biggest stake in the outcome of decisions that municipal government makes today and our voices are not being heard. This generation needs leadership that will consider the needs of young workers, students and voters.

Those in my generation look at problems differently; we see solutions that others haven’t thought of, we represent some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and Toronto has an extensive, largely untapped talent pool that could make things better for our citizens.


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metro.pngYoung Ottawa women plot a path in politics

There’s no blueprint for being a teen in politics, let alone being a 19-year-old woman running to be mayor of Toronto.

“Youth were underrepresented, we were simply patronized with tokenism. I want to make the voices of young people heard,” Morgan Baskin said Sunday to a gathering of participants and supporters of Head Start – a program that gathered 18 young women between the ages of 16 and 24 in Ottawa and asked them to identify barriers to women entering politics and brainstorm possible solutions.

2014-07-23-samara.pngHipsters, millennials & the precariously-employed welcome at City Hall!

"If there is a rallying cry for this generation, it might sound like 19-year-old Toronto mayoral candidate, Morgan Baskin’s call for digital, globally-minded, sustainable cities. Baskin recently launched a campaign centered on these three words: digital, global and green.  She may be onto something, as local governments across the country are the most able to champion this vision."

2014-07-16_sh.jpgMorgan Baskin, teen candidate for Toronto Mayor!

19-year-old Morgan Baskin is a strong believer that youth matter, and that’s why she’s running to become mayor of Toronto!

We recently spoke with the teenaged candidate for one of Canada’s biggest mayoral races about why she’s running, and why mobilizing youth and improving Toronto are so important to her!

2014-07-05_forbes_social.pngMeet The Teen Who Wants To Take Down Toronto's Rob Ford

While many other 18 year-olds are spending this summer stocking up on dorm room accessories at Target or working a part-time job to defray future tuition costs, Morgan Baskin is spending these dog days on the campaign trail. The high school grad is running for mayor of Toronto, a job most recently tarnished by the ongoing antics of one Rob Ford. “We were a great city before Rob Ford. We are a great city with Rob Ford and will be after he is not mayor,” she says.

2014-07-01_grid.pngMorgan Baskin: Teen mayoral hopeful

While many recent high-school grads are ready for fun in the sun, Morgan Baskin will spend the summer drumming up support for her mayoral campaign. The 19-year-old from Corktown is the youngest candidate currently seeking our city’s top office. Just before WorldPride, she told us about her recent Champagne birthday, internet trolls, and how late-night-TV jokesters already have her on their radars.